Kisii, Kenya

Our main office complex in Kisii, Kenya houses ACI materials and supplies and serves as the principal training site for most programs. It is also recognized in the broader community as the source of demonstration projects showing new developments in a variety of areas, from clean water technologies to rain water harvesting to improved farming methods. Having an ACI facility clean water system here serves the dual purpose of providing ACI staff and guests with clean water and at the same time demonstrates the efficacy of such systems.

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Managua, Nicaragua

Aqua Clara has been working in Nicaragua since 2009. Its functions were incorporated as AcquaNic in 2011. Mario Benevides, Aqua Clara’s Nicaragua Director, and his staff have been responsible for the construction and placement of over 3,000 ACI filters, providing direct benefit to about 30,000 people in mainly rural parts and indirect benefit to another 15,000 extended family members and neighbors.

Queretaro, Mexico

In 2008 Bob McDonald traveled to Queretaro with Dr. Alfredo Gonzalez, Vice Provost at Hope College in Holland. Hope has several exchange programs with the Universidad de Queretaro (UAQ) and Alfredo thought Aqua Clara could help the state deal with its water contamination problems, the major ones relating to arsenic and fluoride poisoning. At the time the main ACI technology was biosand filters, which are not effective in addressing arsenic or fluoride. Bob kept the channels open in anticipation that our research and development program was close to finding a solution to these issues, beginning with arsenic.

Holland, Michigan, USA

The home base of Aqua Clara International is located in the Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute in Holland, Michigan. We are pleased to be hosted by Dr. Ted Loudon, Emeritus Professor of BioSystems in the MSU Department of BioSystems and Agriculture and Chairman of the ACI Board of Directors. Our space in this facility enables us to enjoy ongoing collaborative relationships with MSU research administrators and faculty.