Scientists long ago discovered how to purify unsafe water.  To us, the central issue has been in designing solutions that are both sustainable and scalable and that can reach the millions in need while at the same time continuing to function without sustained outside input.  Our target populations are those individuals and families who live on $2 per day or less.

We are a technology transfer organization. Our niche in clean water continues to be in designing science-based technologies that utilize locally available materials where possible and then transferring what we learn to those working in areas of need.  The cost of our technologies varies by country and is dependent on the prevailing costs of the raw materials, such as plastic containers, PVC piping, sand, etc.  As a general rule, the cost-per liter of water produced by our filters ranges from US$0.001 to $0.003/liter.

We transfer the elements of our program both directly and indirectly:  directly, by traveling and training in our target countries, and indirectly by training organizations and individuals here in the US who travel and work in areas of need worldwide.