Products for Sale

  • Biosand Filter (BSF) The BSF is a family unit ideal for rural and semi urban homes with access to surface water.  The ACI model produces 40-60 liters of 85-99% bacteria free- water daily and will last for up to 10 years.
  • Hollow Fiber Household Filter (HHF) The HF Household Filter produces 150 – 300 liters of 99.99% bacteria free water daily and will last for 3+ years.  This countertop unit is ideal for urban homes, kitchens, safari camps, and hotels
  • Hollow Fiber School Filter  The HF School Filter produces 300 – 600 liters of 99.99% bacteria free water daily and will last for 3+ years.  It is ideal for school cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, and large gatherings.
  • Hollow Fiber Facility Filter  The HF Facility Filter produces 1000 – 6000 liters of 99.99% bacteria free water daily and is ideal for larger facilities such as Schools, Clinics, and Hospitals.
  • Hollow Fiber Community Filter  The Hollow Fiber Community Filter produces 6000 – 10,000 liters of bacteria free water daily.  It is can be accompanied with a chlorine wash tank, and used for distribution of clean water to a community.
  • Rain Water Harvesting  ACI Kenya installed Rain Water Harvesting units for homes, schools, and other structures.  Tank size and gutter length are determined prior to installation depending on the water demand, surface area, and average rainfall.
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  • Training on the Biosand Filter:  The ACI BSF Training aims to provide all the necessary information and practical ‘hands on’ experience necessary for you to independently build your own biosand filters.  By the end of the training, you will fully understand
    • how the BSF functions
    • what the BSF can do, and cannot do
    • how to construct, install, and maintain the filter using 100% locally available materials.
  • Training on the Hollow Fiber Filtration:  The ACI HF training aims to provide all of the necessary information for you to become an ACI certified distributor and installer of any ACI Hollow Fiber products.  By the end of the training, you will fully understand how it works, what it does, construction, installation, and maintenance of the filter using 90% local materials.
  • Health and Hygiene: ACI Kenya provides training on basic health and hygiene using CAWST and ACI materials.  The goal is to enable health promoters the ability to provide this as a supplemental service during the installation of filter units in homes, and as an avenue to establish ‘health clubs’ in schools.
  • ACI Social Entrepreneur Program:  In coordination with filter training, ACI provides a thorough understanding of the ACI model, providing tools for initiation and management of the program.  The trainee can then replicate this model, or a similar one to fit his/her situation.
  • Rain Water Harvesting:  The RWH training aims to provide individuals with all of the necessary skills to install RWH units.  We specifically focus on selection of necessary tools, calculating necessary volume needed for the target location, installation of first flush systems and tanks, and provide ‘hands on’ experience for the trainee.
  • Trainings can be from 3 – 7 days, depending on the needs of your organization and the subject areas.  Trainings may be held at the ACI training center, or at your location.

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Consultation & Grant Implementation

  • ACI provides consultation for individuals and organizations on any of the ACI products.  If you or your organization needs assistance with any of these areas, contact us at
  • ACI has trained staff and entrepreneurs who specialize in implementing any of the ACI Products. If your organization needs assistance implementing a grant, ACI is available to work with you.  Contact us at