At the end of April, 2017 a team of the Grand Rapids Rotarians whose club had supplied funding for the first 110 ACI Arsenic Household Filters (ACI As HHFs) to be built in an area of San Juan, Tipitapa, Nicaragua, came down to perform the initial installations. All 110 filters were prepared, and the first 29 were implemented into homes.

San Juan, Tipitapa has been dealing with natural arsenic contamination from the well. This problem in the area was found by World Vision, who plans to fit all 200+ homes of the town eventually with arsenic remediation filters. ACI has fit this role, and the remaining filters will be installed through out these next few months as village members become more informed of arsenic and its implications.

Mario Benevides Llanos of ACI and AquaNic teaches the locals on arsenic and the often delayed effects it can have on your body.
Grand Rapids Rotarians, along with the community leaders, helped construct the ACI Arsenic HHFs.
Local beneficiaries of the newly installed ACI Arsenic HHFs.
Local community leaders helping Mario Benevides Llanos put O-Rings onto the PVC threads of the filters.
The ACI and Grand Rapids Rotary team along with local beneficiaries.
San Juan, Tipitapa, Nicaragua was a once thriving area where plywood was produced. Their well is contaminated with natural arsenic from the ground, like most areas in which volcanic rock makes up their soil.