The last full week in July, ACI had the privilege to share their knowledge and technology to the Universidad Autónoma Querétaro. Paul Kaufman and Jay VandenBrink led a weeklong training session where more than fifty community members came to listen. The group of students consisted of engineering students, professors, non-profit workers, and other well-educated and motivated individuals. All of these people had one thing in common; they wanted to help the less fortunate living in their country.

For five hours a day, Paul and Jay took turns teaching the students on what ACI does and what can be done for the contaminated water in the rural communities of Mexico. With the teaching, Paul and Jay constructed each kind of ACI filtration unit in the University’s hydrology lab. The University was excited to have these as examples and was eager to test the water exiting them.

Along with the training at the University, ACI was invited to a local Querétaro Rotary Club meeting to present what we are about. The Rotarians were very excited to learn from us and are eager to help with future projects.

The partnership with ACI and the University has been an ongoing partnership, and now the University has the knowledge to go further and implement our filtration units in rural Central Mexico. We look forward to what is next.

Paul teaching how to make a ACI BSF
Jay teaching about ACI Hollow Fiber Units
Jay and Paul stand in front of built ACI Units in the Hydrology Lab