In February of 2013 a Cold Water International team comprised of Jason and David Brink, and Tom and Jessie Timmermans traveled to eastern Uganda. Partnering with Sonbeam International, the team installed a rainwater collection and storage system at Syonga Christian School and Church.  Syonga School is home to more than 450 underprivileged children. Pastor Joseph and his small staff of teachers show God’s love to these children every day. Prior to February 2013 Syonga school had no source of water on their property and very limited water storage. The Cold Water team and members of the Syonga Church installed a rainwater collection system that stores and uses an Aqua Clara system to filter water for potable use. The Syonga Project will serve as a model for other schools in the region.


Spending time with Syonga school children                                           Syonga school children pose in front of the new

during recess                                                                                         rainwater collection and filter system

Irrigation for Subsistence Farmers

In 2012 Jason Brink went to Uganda to assist Dr. Brenda Kowalske of Helping Hands drill two water wells on a property being developed for orphan children.  After installing the wells, Dr. Brenda told of an additional need in the local community – a need for inexpensive methods of irrigation.  Local growing seasons are shortened and crop yields are diminishing due to changing climate. In February of 2013 the team from Cold Water installed six different drip irrigation systems at the Helping Hands property. Each irrigation system will be evaluated during the next growing season. Local farmers will be invited to observe and learn about the systems. Distribution of the low cost irrigation systems to local farmers will follow this evaluation period. Farmers will have the opportunity to buy, trade, or take a micro-loan in order to receive an irrigation unit. The drip irrigation units are an efficient way for a local farmer to start growing crops earlier and ultimately to increase crop yield and family income.


More Photots of Syonga School:


Syonga school children removing sand from                                       Dave Brink making final adjustments to rain gutter             

water tank pad                                                                                    system at Syonga School


Jason Brink pumping water from                                                      Tom Timmermans installing the sand

rainwater tanks into filter system                                                       pre filter at Syonga School