In November, 9 employees from Fairmount Minerals joined Mario and his team in Nicaragua to help inspect and test ACI water filters.  The group traveled to several communities in the Leon area, visiting individual homes where filters have been in place for as long as two years or as recent as  four months.

The group split into teams of 3 and worked with a local translator.  Community leaders helped identify the households and introduced the teams to the families.  Each household was asked questions about their use of the filter and if they were happy with the unit.  Team members checked to make sure the units were level , timed the output flow rate, took water samples and ran tests to document the reduction rate for sediment, E. coli and other coliform contaminates.  The result of the testing was very positive, showing that the filters are being used and maintained by the families and that they are improving the quality of their water.

Throughout the day, children would follow to see what we were doing.  Even though most people in Nicaragua do not speak English, there seems to be no language barrier when it comes to smiles, sports, blowing bubbles and treats.  As soon as we brought out footballs and frisbees, the number of kids seemed to multiply.  A group of boys showed us the games they play with spinning wooden tops.  A group of girls started a game of catch-me-if-you-can, which of course generated much laughter!

Nights were spent at Rancho Las Alpes were we were treated to wonderful  food, beautiful scenery and time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  A night at the beach, sledding/boarding down the slopes of the volcano Cerro Negro and a trip to the market for some local crafts, rounded out a successful week.

Currently there are about 1,000 filters in homes with more being added each year.  This periodic testing will be an ongoing process.  Interested in helping?  Excited about meeting new people?  Want to experience a different country?  Contact us to form or join a group!

ACI Tours for Service

Aqua Clara is currently planning week long trips to Nicaragua.  Our trips are for individuals, families or groups of friends looking for that opportunity to help others.  No experience is needed, just a heart for people and a willingness to learn.

Spots are open for trips during the weeks of May 14-26.

Have your own group of at least 10 people?  We can coordinate a trip based on your schedule.

Contact Marcia Buck at