Recently the ACI team in Kenya worked together with the local community to put on a field day. The idea of a field day is not unique to the development industry but it applies wonderfully. It was the main goal of the ACI team to have the opportunity to reach as many individuals as possible with one event. More than one thousand individuals made their way to the ACI Kisii Office and Training Center, simply seeing that number of people show interest in the work the team is doing was beautiful in its self. All of our projects were covered in depth. The CDE’s assisted the ACI staff in explaining the Bio-Sand Filter, while the CHP’s explained health and hygiene best practices. Collaboration with the local Ministry of Agriculture office brought some experience with field day planning. The Agriculture office also provided individuals to assist in explanation for our high yield garden. The second level of ACI products were showcased and explained by volunteers from a local university. These students partnered with ACI early in the year to assist in a water testing project. Many of them enjoyed their time and experience with ACI so much that they jumped at the chance to participate in this event. Local business was well represented by both large Kenyan corporations as well as small community based entrepreneurial groups. Both groups were happy to participate while making the field day that much more productive for the visiting individual. Through collaboration with local government offices ACI managed to invite and receive several important public figures. All in all the day was a great success and a testament to the hard work of the individuals involved. The ACI team in Kenya will be building off of the success of the day and can hopefully use it as a spring board into the future of Aqua Clara.