ACI is pleased to announce that it is now a part of Peer Water Exchange (PWX). This is an exciting opportunity for ACI as it will help to bring our program to a wider audience of experienced implementers, funders and observers. PWX is a participatory system that helps to select, fund, manage, monitor and share grassroots water and sanitation projects worldwide. PWX aims to do this efficiently, effectively and transparently and to minimize overhead costs. To date PWX has assisted 991 communities, benefitted around 652,243 people and managed over $26 million in funding for the WASH, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, sector.

One of the most valuable aspects of being part of PWX is the peer review process for funding proposals and project implementation. Each organization involved with PWX is responsible for reviewing a number of proposals from other organizations in each funding round. This process helps facilitate learning and collaboration within theWASH sector, while also helping to improve the programs of the organizations involved. The peer review process also helps funders to make more informed decisions about which projects to fund as they have already been vetted by experts.

PWX has also worked to simplify the project reporting process. Organizations post regular status reports online which shows the progress of a project while also adding to transparency. These reports allow organizations to easily report on what has happened in the project, what was learned, and how the donor money was spent. Finally the peer reviewers and parties involved in the process share and assess the long-term impact of a project. PWX is an active database that has frequently updated reports and is taking an innovative approach to tackling the scale of the water crisis worldwide.
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