Arsenic Filtration

ACI installed an ACI Hollow-Membrane and Heavy Metal Filter while training local engineers in the village of Llano de San Francisco, Querétaro, Mexico. The village is located in the mountainous Serra Gorda region nearest the town of Pinal de Amoles. Due to the high amounts of arsenic in their water from one of their main industries, mining, the government has had to temporarily deliver clean water for the villagers to consume. This filter is one of several to be installed because of the continued high arsenic rates in this area. The work could not be done without the synergistic help of the people of Mexico. Together with the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, CONAGUA, and local government health officials this work is being done.


A village meeting was organized upon our arrival to decide location of the ACI clean-water kiosk.


A villager viewing inside the new ACI clean-water kiosk reducing levels of bacteria and arsenic.


The project team eventually consisted of local villagers; Harry Knopke and Jay Vanden Brink from ACI; Juan Ciro Rivera, the representative from CONAGUA, the Mexican Government’s Water Agency; Jose Morado representative of the Mexican Government’s Health Ministry; and faculty and students from the Engineering Department of the Universidad Autonomous de Querétaro, Mexico.