What We Do

ACI-Kenya exists to increase access to low-cost, effective, clean water solutions in rural and peri-urban communities.  We strive to design products that not only resolve an existing problem, but also generate revenue, allowing ACI Kenya, local entrepreneurs, and our partners to become self – sustainable.  We accomplish this through the following:

Development of revenue generating Small Businesses: Aqua Clara trains and partners with individual entrepreneurs to sell, install, and maintain specific ACI products.  ACI sources the necessary materials and products at a reduced rate, allowing the entrepreneurs to not only provide inexpensive clean water products to their communities, but also to generate revenue and supplement their incomes.  For more info on ACI Small Business Startups, click here.

Local and International Partnerships: Aqua Clara partners with various local and international organizations, government entities, and individuals who then include ACI products and programs into their existing programs, with the support of ACI Kenya office.  For more details information on Partnerships, click, here or send an e-mail to infokenya@aquaclara.org

Trainings:  Aqua Clara provides Trainings to local and international organizations. These trainings consist of thorough complete Technology Transfer to your organization on construction of filtration product and how ACI program functions.  Your organization then takes the information and uses it as needed. A partnership may or may not be formed, and additional interactions and follow up are agreed upon mutually. For more information on specific training options, click here.

Consultation and Grant implementation Capabilities:  Aqua Clara specializes in implementation of Biosand filtration, Hollow Fiber filtration, and Rain Water Harvesting installations.  For more information on sub-contracting to ACI, click here.

Sale of Products using 90 – 100% locally sourced materials: Aqua Clara constructs, assembles, installs, and provides necessary training on Maintenance and follow up on all ACI products.  These products are produced in Kenya using 90 – 100% local materials and are available for purchase from ACI Kenya.  For more information on ACI products, click here.

ACI Community Development Entrepreneurs (CDE) with their Certificates of Completion