Creating Science-Based Technologies for Effective, Affordable, Sustainable Water Purification.

Our Mission

Scientists long ago discovered how to purify unsafe water. To us, the central issue has been in designing solutions that are both sustainable and scalable and that can reach the millions in need while at the same time continuing to function without sustained outside input. Our target populations are those individuals and families who live on $2 per day or less.
More than 21, 900

Filter Systems Worldwide

More than 2. 4

Million Liters/Day Capacity Installed

More than 218, 950

Individuals Directly Benefitting

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Continued Filter Installations and Research in the Sierra Gorda Region of Mexico

ACI and the University Autonomous of Querétaro (UAQ) have been working together for the past years to bring clean, arsenic-free […]

First Round of Household Arsenic Remediation Filters for San Juan, Tipitapa, Nicaragua

At the end of April, 2017 a team of the Grand Rapids Rotarians whose club had supplied funding for the […]

Update on ACI Kenya

Aqua Clara International Kenya has been quite busy this past year. In February of 2015, ACI Kenya signed an MOU […]

Success Stories

Testimonials surrounding who we serve
"No one scrambles for clean water and now children attend school every day. We are one of the best performing schools in the area. Now their parents want clean water for their homes."
Charles Maoga

Charles Maoga

Principal of Moi, Kisii, Kenya Primary School - 650 students with Aqua Clara Kenya Rain-Harvest and Filtration System

"Many of us were sick from our water being contaminated, but that is no more. This filter supports my whole community, and for that, we are happy."
Fermin Ramirez

Fermin Ramirez

Beneficiary, Llano de San Francisco, Querétaro, México - Aqua Clara Arsenic Community Filter

"There are no hospital visits for my family anymore. All water born diseases have ceased. I can filter my water and go do other work now instead of the daily collection of wood to boil it."
Jeliah Peter

Jeliah Peter

Beneficiary, Keroka, Nyanza, Kenya - Aqua Clara Kenya BioSand Filter