Aqua Clara International has designed simple, cost effective, Household Filters (HHFs) which can provide up to 300 liters a day of 99.999% (Log6) bacteria-free water to families living in rural and urban settings who have access to municipal or well water. This ACI Household Filter is constructed using hollow membrane technology and local materials where available.  It can be combined with sand if necessary, and is the 3rd and smallest model ACI now offers, the others designed for use in larger applications.

Yalcoba, Yucatan, Mexico

For the past 12 years, various members of the Fifth Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan have volunteered with for an organization called International Medical Assistance (IMA). IMA coordinates volunteers from all over the United States and Mexico to provide medical care to the impoverished Mayans in the areas surrounding Valladolid, Mexico. They have built a surgical center and offer free consults and surgeries, among other initiatives.

Four years ago the church started a water project with the support of ACI. The most recent trip was a team from Northern Nevada that was introduced to Aqua Clara by Fifth Reformed Church. Altogether they brought 60 filters to four villages in late June of 2014.

ACI Staff Receive Their Own Household Filter (HHF) in Kenya

An initial distribution of ACI Hollow Membrane Household Filters has been completed in Kenya, with ACI Community Development Entrepreneurs and Community Health Promoters each receiving one for Christmas, 2013.  Overall feedback has been positive, which has set the stage for including these units in the ACI Kenya product mix.


For several years the water mission entity of Mars Hill Church in Grandville, Michigan, 20 Liters, has been working with World Relief to construct and install ACI biosand filters in myriad villages in Rwanda. Led by Bob Johnson, a structural engineer who is also a member of the ACI design team, 20 Liters added Household Filter units Bob developed to its offerings. In the first year of this initiative the organization has placed 81 Household Filter units and 2,400 more will be built in multiple villages in 2013.